Mining Bitcoin, Trusting Bitcoin


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For Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to gain traction then it must be widely adopted. Adoption wise, we cannot say much about other cryptocurrencies but with Bitcoin, there is something we can write and pass down to generations to come.

Other than the infamous Silk Road debacle, Bitcoin can be used to buy worthwhile and upgrading things. Think of it this way, from recent statistics CoinBase announced that they are registering 100K customers every month and most of these customers end up buying Bitcoin.

We cannot really pin point what they buy once they possess these valuable gems but one thing is for sure. They are expended somewhere now that there are more than 150K merchants worldwide accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like NEM or LTC.

Here are the things you can buy using Bitcoin:

  • In Sydney, there is a small but historic pub called Old Fitzroy. Here you can buy your pints and enjoy every bit of it with all other Bitcoin supporters. They were the first bar in Australia and Sydney to accept payment in Bitcoin back in 2013.
  • If you are in the Sin City, Las Vegas you can enjoy the services offered by The D-Las Vegas and Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. While you cannot gamble with it, you can issue Bitcoin at their front desks and pay for food with it.
  • Other than binging and food, you can actually channel all your Bitcoins and acquire properties anywhere in the world. One of them includes the Byron Bay in Australia valued at over $3.5M.
  • You can buy Windows software, Xbox and other digital content from Microsoft. In fact Microsoft was one of the first to incorporate Bitcoin as a form of payment for their US based customers.
  • Dell fans can now buy laptops and PCs using Bitcoin. The announcement was made in June 2015 and CoinBase is the third party facilitating this transfer.
  • While Uber don’t allow direct payment using Bitcoin, unless of course you own a special Bitcoin Debit card, you can get a ride and pay in Bitcoins if you are in Hungary or Argentina. There you will find cab services accepting BTC.
  • In the Netherlands, at a city called Arnhem, you can buy your Whooper at any Burger King. For every purchase using Bitcoin, you get one free.Awesome.
  • Precious metals like Gold and Silver are other commodities you can buy using Bitcoin at JM Bullions.
  • If you are frequent traveler, book and pay for your flight using Bitcoins at Expedia or com
  • Even though other airlines are rigid and won’t accept Bitcoins as a form of Payment, AirBaltic was the first carrier to accept BTC. Their net worth just went up…right?
  • Once you land in Czech Republic, you can pop in to Bitcoin Coffee and pay for some using Bitcoin.
  • Afterwards you can charter some luxury yacht at BitPremier
  • While riding, you can take your mind off the busy schedule and order for some comic book from Melton Comics located in Los Angeles
  • Because Bitcoin has helped you big time, you can order a couple of Bitcoin branded T-shirts to spread the word at BitGear and pay using Bitcoins.

Remember, I said there are more than 150K merchants accepting Bitcoins. The list can go on and on but what is evident is that there is a new blockchain ecosystem being developed and Bitcoin is the lube priming it.

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